Family Assets Consultancy and Strategic Planning

Family Offices are offices that take care of the assets of one or more families and act as a linchpin between the family and its assets. The management, protection, maintenance and increase of the family assets through a Family Office thus becomes a true organisational model seeking maximum efficiency and performance.

This family asset organisational model developed greatly in the United States at the beginning of last century. It was then gradually introduced into Europe and starting in the nineties in Italy as well.

A Family Office thus responds to the needs and requirements of the "Ultra High Net Worth Individuals", represented by families with securities and real estate assets, and organises their assets in keeping with the targets set down by the family so as to maximize the management results. Such complex activity requires a high degree of specialisation and professionalism in addition to top quality professional profiles with great expertise.

Family Offices do not have a compulsory legal structure and they can thus be organised as a company or a similar structure or a foundation or similar structure, in particular if it operates in the philantropic, cultural or sports sector.

  Family Offices also respond to wealth management, corporate finance and risk management needs. However, it also offers administrative and legal services, including those of a non financial nature such as managing relations between family members particularly following testate successions.

In the wealth management area, and more precisely in asset allocation, the enhancement of collections and artistic archives has acquired great importance in the framework of greater asset diversification. This also holds true for investments in the art market whose curve is not influenced by the other markets (for example the raw materials, currency, bond or share markets). Indeed, this market trend is positive even during a bear market.

For the above reason and in particular in this historical moment, the enhancement of any object (books, paintings, sculptures and any other collection with a cultural value) represents a necessary process to allow the collection, thanks to a corrrect filing - better yet if digital - to be correctly interpreted and managed at any time. Activities in the philanthropic sector are acquiring ever greater importance and in this area family offices can offer a farsighted response to family corporate finance needs. In particular, the response it offers to the sports activities is appropriate since it offers a useful response in terms of risk management in family activities where emotions often play a key role in decisions.

These specific sectors create a lot of interest and curiosity in the new generations and their involvement in such sectors in view of their entry into the management framework constitutes an important training opportunity.

It is for this reason that the Rossello Family Office structure includes the best professional skills for each specialised area capable of satisfying the most demanding needs.

The advantage of being assisted by a family office ensures that all the different players, each with its own skills, work together to protect the assets.
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