The Alphabet of Men who work with women

Recognizing talent in women is not so natural and obvious for men: it takes skill to sense it, respect to appreciate it, sensitivity to develop it.

Progetto Donne e Futuro firmly believes in the need to promote complementarity between the male and female model: men who draw inspiration from the most progressive forms of gender culture are the ideal individuals to promote and encourage the presence of women at the highest levels of society and in business. Our Association, by evoking the image of a dice cup where lottery numbers (lucky at times) are drawn from, has identified for each letter of the alphabet a prominent male figure who has put his commitment, resources and profound wisdom at the disposal of women to capitalize on their qualities and potentials and make them true complementary parts.

Roger Abravanel
Niccolò Branca
Franco Carraro
Ferruccio De Bortoli
Giuliano Pisapia
Cristina Rossello Cristina Rossello Cristina Rossello
Cristina Rossello