Roma – December , 4 2019

On December 4, 2019 a conference organized by Prof. Marina Brogi entitled “Affirmative Action and Gender Quotas: State of Play” was held at the Economics Faculty of the La Sapienza University in Rome. It marked an opportunity for politicians and academia to reflect on a situation in which women are gaining ground: board composition in corporations. The opportunity was offered by the laws under discussion at the time, i.e. the conversion into law (Law No. 157/19) of Tax Decree No. 124/19, which in Art. 58e fully took on board the draft legislation proposed by MP Cristina Rossello to extend the so-called Golfo-Mosca Law (Law No. 12/11) which imposed a female gender quota of at least 1/3 for three consecutive mandates (nine years) in the board composition of corporations and the Boards of Statutory Auditors in listed companies operating in regulated markets and for unlisted companies controlled by Public Administrations in regulated markets.

Brescia – October, 16 2019

The “Ephemera: Food, Menus and Ancient Equities: Arts and Graphics” event was organized by Ms.Augusta Amolini, the chairperson of the Moica Brescia Leonessa (the Italian Housewives Movement of Brescia) in the framework of its 2019 Fall Programme. The initiative obtained the patronage of both the City and the Province of Brescia and attracted many members from all over Italy as well as the national chairperson of the movement. For the occasion, Progetto Donne e Futuro offered a review of the evolution of customs at the table over time, highlighting the role of food in art over the centuries and a description of the dishes by means of other documents such as menus which constitute a “graphical representation” of history, traditions and customs.

Brescia – 16 ottobre 2019

Modena – July, 12 2019

The “Ephemera: Food, Menus and Ancient Equities - Arts and Graphics” menu exhibition is dedicated to the 30 th Anniversary of the International Profilo Donna Prize which was held on July 12, 2019 at the Military Academy located in the Ducal Palace of Modena. The Profilo Donna Prize has been organized by Cristina Bicciocchi every year since 1989 and it celebrates women who excel in their commitment and results and who have attained top positions in their sectors of reference. The “2019 Culture, Leadership and Solidarity Prize” for food was awarded to Lara Gilmore’s cultural project entitled “Soul for Food” which was developed during the Milan Expo and seeks to reduce food waste. The project envisages the processing of the food surpluses which are then offered to reception centres. Together with Massimo Bottura and in collaboration with the Caritas of Milan, she created the Ambrosian Refectory in an abandoned theatre within the city. The menu exhibition, accompanied by a precise description illustrating the historical, artistic and cultural aspects, highlighted the human, cultural, solidarity and ethical significance of the event.

Modena – 12 luglio 2019

Milano – FOOD CITY 2019

With the patronage of :

The “Ephemera: Food, Menus and Ancient Equities - Arts and Graphics” (II) exhibition was held during the Milan Food City event from May 3 to May 9, 2019. The exhibition presented a selection of menus related to the food sector and offered historical and cultural insights as well as filing and enhancement techniques for private collections. It included focused meetings with the Progetto Donne e Futuro speakers, godmothers and pupils. A series of menus were exhibited in the main venue of the exhibition. Another series dedicated specifically to the “menus” of the City of Milan was hosted in a different prestigious venue. The event included workshops explaining the preparation of exhibitions; demonstrations of the most vanguard filing techniques for private collections; practical exercises on the filing and custody systems of historical collections and documents, as well as meetings with important curators and art historians. The City of Milan granted the initiative its important patronage.

Milano – FOOD CITY 2019


Rome, November 19, 2018

On Monday, November 19, in the enchanting setting of Villa Wolkonsky, the British ambassador’s residence in Italy, the Women in Tech Seminar was held in partnership with Progetto Donne e Futuro.
The Chairman of the Project, Lawyer Cristina Rossello and Ambassador Jill Morris succeeded, for the first time, in bringing to Italy distinguished female international speakers in the fields of technological innovation in robotics, industrial automation and artificial intelligence.

Cristina Rossello Roma – 19 novembre 2018

Roma – June 20, 2018

On June 20, 2018 the “Progetto Donne e Futuro” Association made its debut into the Italian Parliament in Rome with an event entitled “Women and Institutions”. During the event, a series of meetings concerning different issues linked to the women's world in Italy entitled “knowledgeable law-making” were presented and there was a technical meeting with important speakers including Linda Laura Sabbadini a statistics expert, Veronica De Romanis an economist and university professor, Anna Maria Tarantola a former manager of the Bank of Italy and the former Chair of RAI the Italian public television service, Eufemia Ippolito former National Chair of FIDA-BPW Italy and senator Anna Maria Bernini.

Milan – April 10, 2018

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On April 10, 2018 at Palazzo Mezzanotte in Milan, home of Borsa Italiana (the Italian Stock Exchange), the temple of the Milanese finance, Clara Saglietti was awarded a prize. The mentoring project “Finance and Diplomacy” envisages the tutoring of the pupil with a godmother of excellence: Jill Morris, the first woman ambassador of the United Kingdom in Italy.

Cristina Rossello Milano – 10 aprile 2018


Savona – December 1, 2017

On December 1, 2017, Progetto Donne e Futuro intervened at the conference entitled "Communicating in every way - from the legal, technical-scientific language to performative and performing communication to mediation as a new approach to conflict resolution" with an intervention on the argumentative path and hostile actions in the case of lack of dialogue.
The event, organised by the Metakoinè Association, was held at the Priamar monumental complex in Savona and its speakers included lawyers, mediators, judges as well as columnists, advertisers and psychotherapists; i.e. professionals that in their respective sectors must constantly tackle the issue of an efficient communication including for example the use of different linguistic styles.

Cristina Rossello

Savona – October 7, 2017

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On October 7, 2017 "Progetto Donne e Futuro" held its annual event at the monumental complex of Priamar in Savona. This year's theme, for its tenth anniversary, was "Life is not "finding yourself", life is "creating yourself"" and the issues of the conference were of great interest and forward-looking: new technologies and their impact on our daily lives from many different viewpoints, from virtual reality to genetics including artificial intelligence, big data, virtual currencies and blockchain.
The meeting was attended by numerous local authorities and included important international speakers (Kathleen Townsend Kennedy, the Vice-President of the Science for Peace Conference, Lyn Christensen, coacher, trainer and developer for top technology companies and family offices and Emerine Kabanshi, Ministry of Zambia) who were also actively involved in the Project to ensure its greater opening and extension.

Cristina Rossello Savona – 7 ottobre 2017

Milan, 6 March 2017

On 6 March 2017, Progetto Donne e Futuro renewed its participation in the “l’Europa è per le Donne 2017 (Europe is for Women 2017)” conference series, organised by the European Parliament at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan. The association organised a meeting entitled: “Life is not about ‘finding yourself’. Life is about ‘creating yourself’”. In addition to the prominent figures present (Anna Maria Tarantola, former director of the Bank of Italy and former RAI president, Eufemia Ippolito, BPW International representative in the Council of Europe, Laura La Posta, Editor-in-Chief of Il Sole 24 Ore), there was the latest pupil selected, Daiana Scremin.

Cristina Rossello


Roma - 26 May 2016

Organised by Fidapa, the round table held in Rome on 26 May 2016 was a significant occasion for enrichment and discussion via an encounter with outstanding role models, such as the President of Fidapa, the President of the Belisario Foundation, Lella Golfo, Pia Petrucci, Dr Magda Bianco, General Manager Monica Parella and Dr Karin Raguin.
During the event, a general overview was presented of the current state of the female gender, particularly in the corporate governance sector, as well as the remaining efforts to be made in order to overcome gaps and achieve a complementary state with regard to the male gender.


Savona, 21 March 2015

With the patronage of :

At the Sibilla Hall in Savona at the Fortezza del Priamar (Priamar Fortress), 21 March 2015, the Progetto Donne e Futuro organised the event “Give me a point of support and I will lift up the world: how a helping hand to young talents can help overcome a crisis”. This important annual gathering brought together key figures from Progetto Donne e Futuro, involving them in an exciting and productive day of work.

Cristina Rossello  Savona del 21.03.2015

Fabriano 15 January 2015 - Ancona 27 February 2015

In early 2015, Progetto Donne e Futuro was invited by the Lions Club International Association to participate in several conferences in the Marche region, to be held in Fabriano at the Oratorio della Carità on 15 January 2015, and in Ancona at the Palazzo della Regione Marche on 27 February 2015. On both occasions, the subject of the role of women in the economy was fully explored and, in particular, the importance of women's contribution to the business and corporate sector.
The involvement of Avv. Rossello and other prominent invited figures, including the Councillor for Equal Opportunities in the Marche Region, Paola Giorgi, have started a collective dialogue that has highlighted the need to recognise and protect the values and the peculiarities of the female gender, as being complementary to and not alternative to the characteristics of the male world.

Fabriano 15 gennaio 2015 -  Ancona 27 febbraio 2015


Brussels, 9 December 2014

At the end of 2014, lawyer Cristina Rossello was invited by Alessia Mosca, member of the European Parliament and co-author of Italian law no. 120/2011, to share her knowledge at the “Europa: Femminile Plurale (Europe: Feminine Plural)” conference, held at the seat of the European Parliament.
On this occasion, a need emerged from the outset to address the “female question” by encouraging a broader and more cross-cutting view of the less represented “gender quota”, thereby promoting plurality.
In emphasising the needed progress, the conference has provided a broader scope to those already employed in Italy and Europe, both through studies and research, as well as through strategic action projects such as the Progetto Donne e Futuro (Women and Future Project).
Ample space was then provided to the issue of female leadership, offering a significant opportunity for participants to discuss their potential in relation to valid and competitive leadership models.

Cristina Rossello

Brescia, 29 November 2014

Sponsored by :

Progetto Donne e Futuro, in collaboration with the local Prefecture of Brescia and the Equality Advisor's Office of the Province of Brescia, has organised a convention entitled "Outside violence: together we become the future", at Villa Franciacorta near Brescia. The topic of violence against women was examined in depth from different perspectives and viewpoints, thanks to the participation of top-level speakers, who demonstrated their commitment and experience in the struggle against this phenomenon. Among those involved were several important local authorities, such as the Prefecture, Narcisa Brassesco Pace, the Police Commissioner, Carmine Esposito, the local Equality Advisor, Anna Maria Gandolfi, as well as Corriere della Sera journalist Luisa Pronzato, psychotherapist Sarah Viola, President of the ADMI (Italian Women Magistrate's Association) Carla Lendaro and President of Moica (Italian Housewives' Movement) Tina Leonzi.

Cristina Rossello Brescia 29 novembre 2014

Padua, 28 November 2014

Progetto Donne e Futuro participated in an event organised by the FIDAPA Italy Association entitled Making a difference through Leadership and Action. The event was held in Padua in the conference hall of the Cassa di Risparmio del Veneto. The theme of the event, gender issues experienced by disabled persons, was discussed by a number of speakers who highlighted the numerous types of discrimination and difficulties which disabled persons must still face today. Eufemia Ippolito, lawyer, past national president of FIDAPA BPW Italy and representative of BPW International to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, offered a meaningful speech which highlighted the progress of EU regulations aimed at significantly improving the rights afforded to the disabled. Actress Antonella Ferrari also spoke about her personal experience and success, despite her disability.

Cristina Rossello Padova 28 novembre 2014

Monza, 24 November 2014

In honour of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Progetto Donne e Futuro participated in an event organised by FIDAPA entitled Insieme per vincere, lo sport contro la violenza (Together for the win: sport against violence), which was held in Monza near the Teatro Manzoni.
In addition to highlighting the important role of sporting associations in preventing and fighting the injustices which women face, the topics discussed also raised the issue of the lack of protections afforded to professional female athletes, which is a clear violation of the principle of equality and an indirect form of violence against women. There were a number of speeches given by world champions, male and female alike, from various sporting disciplines, as well as speeches by psychologist Diana Nardacchione, Pietro Mazzo, President of the Unione Società Sportive Monza Brianza, and Clara Mannarà, coach of AC Biassono’s men's team.

Cristina Rossello Padova 28 novembre 2014

Florence, 15 November 2014

In Florence, near the Palazzo di Parte Guelfa, the Sport 3.0 Foundation organised an interesting convention entitled "Sport is life. Sport as a way of life in Europe".
The speakers at the event highlighted the value of sport in everyone's life, since its importance not only consists of staying physically fit, but also contributes to improving and making people more respectful to others. Practising sport should indeed become a way of life.

Firenze, 15 novembre 2014

Milan, 3 March 2014

Sponsored by:

The 2014 edition of the series of "Europe is for women" events, organised by the European Parliament, was inaugurated on 3 March by the Progetto Donne e Futuro conference. In the first part of the event, Barbara Stefanelli and Narcisa Brassesco Pace took up the topic dealt with during the morning with stimulating food for thought. Later, focus was dedicated to the subject of European issues, with particular reference to the European Foundation, with the help of notary Angelo Busani; to banking Governance with speaker Susanna Stefani; and to gender balance in listed companies and public equity investments with lawyer Romina Guglielmetti. As part of the section devoted to the new initiatives for Progetto Donne e Futuro, the topic of gender medicine was launched with in-depth analysis by Evelina Flachi and Loredana Vido.

Cristina Rossello Milano, 3 marzo 2014 Milano, 3 marzo 2014

Milan, 3 March 2014

Parola di Donne held another talk in the Sala Pirelli at the European Parliament Information Office in Milan, organising an event focusing on the topic of violence against women. Two excellent speakers, representatives of the law enforcement agency, the Carabinieri Commandant of Legnano, Michela Pagliara, and the Deputy Vice Commissioner from the State Police Precinct of Carpi, Emanuela Ori, gave an in-depth analysis of the subject, interacting effectively with the youngsters present in the room.


Milan March 4, 2013

With the patronage of :

The Progetto Donne e Futuro Conference opens the cycle of meetings called "Europe is for Women", a month packed with events organized by the European Parliament and focused on the issue of women. The European institutions have fully acknowledged the innovative scale of this increasingly accredited initiative. A spotlight was cast on the aims of the Task Force of Progetto Donne e Futuro.

Cristina Rossello Milano, 4 marzo 2013

Milan March 4, 2013

The Conference Hall of the EP Office in Milan brims with youngsters and their enthusiasm to connect and exchange views, welcomed by Bruno Marasà (Head of the EP Information Office in Milan). Progetto Donne e Futuro encourages students from Lombardy to a thought-provoking debate addressing a range of themes on women’s role in the economic and social development of Italy and of Europe.

Milano, 4 marzo 2013

Genoa February 8, 2013

Youngsters meet Parola di Donne at the Magazzini del Cotone Convention Centre, in the Porto Antico Area of Genoa. 200 students take part in a constructive debate with speakers: Cristina Rossello, Nicoletta Viziano, Captain Laura Pinasco and Monica Pesce.

Genova, 8 febbraio 2013

Milan January 26, 2013

In 2013, the year marking the bicentenary of the birth of Verdi, Progetto Donne e Futuro dedicates a special meeting in Milan between sponsors and pupils for the awarding of the scholarships to the young recipients, with musical displays taken from the composer's arias.

Milano 26 gennaio 2013


Florence - November 29, 2012

Parola di Donne and founder Cristina Rossello meet the young people of Florence together with Monica Tiozzo, Diana Lenzi and Maria Silvia Sacchi

Firenze - 29 Novembre 2012

Rome - November 14, 2012

Presentation of "Quote rosa, bianche e verdi", book by Federico Guiglia at the Chamber of Deputies, Palazzo Marini, Sala delle Colonne.

Roma - 14 Novembre 2012

Milan - November 13, 2012

Presentation of "Quote rosa, bianche e verdi", book by Federico Guiglia at Sole 24Ore

Milano - 13 Novembre 2012

Parma October 25, 2012

Progetto Donne e Futuro meets youngsters and launches Parola di Donne: the discussion community between students and successful female role models. Opening stage in Parma with the contribution of Paola Schwizer, Giusi Sassi, Martina Grimoldi and Jessica Rossi.

Parma - 25 ottobre 2012

Savona - September 29/30, 2012

With the patronage of :

Progetto Donne e Futuro reaches its third annual conference event. There is an air of general satisfaction for the results on the objectives of sponsors and pupils and for the growing national and international audience.
Influential female figures who partecipate in the economy take turn to cast a spotlight on the varied facets of an italian model of woman, producing new insights and setting new goals.

Cristina Rossello

Conegliano - May, 25 2012

With the patronage of :

Progetto Donne e Futuro in Conegliano conveys its distinctive tutoring experience and valuable contribution to the development of women’s advancement in the working world. Women entrepreneurs, journalists, authorities and the young generations took interest in attending the Meeting that showcased the results achieved so far.

Cristina Rossello Conegliano - May, 25 2012

Rome - May 12, 2012

With the patronage of :

This time, it’s Rome giving a very warm welcome to the Meeting, held in settings of great historic and artistic interest, the “Vicus Caprarius” - the city of water, an important archaeological complex that dates back to the Imperial Age. Yet another mesh in the pink network that brings together women of excellence, joining forces to create a future for young women and for the economy.

Cristina Rossello Rome - May 12, 2012

Saint Vincent - March 16, 2012

With the patronage of :

The Meeting of Progetto Donne e Futuro is centred on sport and looks at the state of play of women’s presence in Italy in this field. The youngest pupil is conferred with an award and entrusted to a sponsor of great prestige and professionalism.

Cristina Rossello Saint Vincent - March 16 2012

Casale Monferrato - March 8, 2012

With the patronage of :

Progetto Donne e Futuro landed at Accademia Filarmonica in Casale Monferrato on International Women’s Day. Authorities, businesswomen and professionals attended the meeting that illustrated the stages touched so far and the results achieved by the Project in the various experiences at local level. Sponsors and pupils presented the progress of their activities.

Cristina Rossello Casale Monferrato - 8 Marzo 2012

Milano - March 7, 2012

With the patronage of :

On-going pursuit and expression of female excellence, realization of equal opportunities and promotion of the image of women who have excelled in their respective fields. This is the distinguishing mission of Progetto Donne e Futuro, illustrated in the Conference Room of the European Parliament in Milan. The usual multitude of speakers, sponsors and pupils taking the floor is the irrefutable proof of its energy and great potential.

Cristina Rossello Milano - 7 Marzo 2012

Latina January 30, 2012

With the patronage of :

Progetto Donne e Futuro landed in a new Region, receiving an enthusiastic welcome from the Municipality of Latina. The various experiences and a summary of the achievements reached so far by the female solidarity network were showcased during the Meeting. Moreover, the traditional awarding ceremony was held to honour the worthy students chosen by the local institutions

Cristina Rossello Latina - 30 gennaio 2012


Savona - September 25, 2011

With the patronage of :

Progetto Donne e Futuro celebrated Year One looking back at its path of growth. The event titled "Women and their contribution to professions, art and enterprises for the growth of the economy" was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, who shared their take on women's role, the gender quota law and the future changes and challenges on the educational and cultural fronts. The cultural event included a visit to the Priamàr Fortress for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, and to the Istituto Figlie di Nostra Signora della Misericordia for the 200th anniversary of Santa Maria Giuseppa Rossello. Taking place during the evening talk show, the awarding ceremony with scholarships conferred to young talents.

Cristina Rossello Savona - 25 Settembre 2011 - Convegno Savona - 25 Settembre 2011 - Momento Culturale Savona - 25 Settembre 2011 - Premiazione

Modena - July 7, 2011

With the patronage of :

At the Modena Golf & Country Club, Avv. Cristina Rossello was invited to present Progetto Donne e Futuro. The presentation-event at Regione Emilia Romagna on the values of Progetto Donne e Futuro, titled "Women and their contribution to professions, art and enterprises for the growth of the economy", was sponsored by the Municipality and Province of Modena, and by Regione Emilia-Romagna.

Cristina Rossello Modena - 7 Luglio 2011

Verona - May 6, 2011

With the patronage of :

The event at the Army Officers' Club in Verona marked the beginning in Veneto of the experience already in progress in Liguria, Piedmont and Lombardy, with the presentation of the proposal, at a European Parliament level, of Progetto Donne e Futuro.

Cristina Rossello Verona - 6 Maggio 2011

Milan - May 2, 2011

With the patronage of :

At Palazzo Reale in Milan, Progetto Donne e Futuro achieved an important milestone at the heart of the Country's economic engine.

Cristina Rossello Milano - 2 Maggio 2011

Alessandria - April 8, 2011

With the patronage of :

A packed auditorium and so many interesting stories shared with the local community to provide insight into the discussion on "Women and their contribution to professions and to the growth of the economy".

Cristina Rossello Alessandria - 8 Aprile 2011

Turin - January 23, 2011

With the patronage of :

Progetto Donne e Futuro paid a visit on Sunday, January 23 to the Army Officers' Club in Turin for its regular four-monthly update on "Women and their contribution to professions and to the growth of the economy".

Cristina Rossello Torino - 23 Gennaio 2011


Savona - September 25, 2010

With the patronage of :

Birth of the "Donne e Futuro" project

The meeting titled "Women and their contribution to professions and to the growth of the economy" was held in the main hall of the University Campus of Savona. Taking the floor, eminent personalities from the academic, business and financial world.

Cristina Rossello Savona - 25 Settembre 2010 - Evento Savona - 25 Settembre 2010 - Convegno Savona - 25 Settembre 2010 - Momento Culturale Savona - 25 Settembre 2010 - Premiazione

Cristina Rossello