Cristina Rossello

Since its inception, Progetto Donne e Futuro has set out to bring awareness to the lesser explored issues of women and work and women and the economy, in a rather unresponsive and uninterested cultural backdrop as Italy's.

After promoting, launching and publishing books on the issue, in 2011, in association with Gruppo 24 Ore, it launched a series entirely dedicated to these topics.

The new series - Donne & Economia - intends to awaken the Italian cultural consciousness through writings and contributions dedicated to «women and the economy» and «women and work». Today women are a huge talent pool for businesses. This concept should be recognized and assimilated to positively influence the fundamental aspects of the economic, social and political life of our Country.

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Cristina Rossello Cristina Rossello Cristina Rossello
Cristina Rossello